Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Each One More Than The Last

I reposted this last year—I had written it the year before, on the 10th anniversary. I repost it again this year with a heavier heart.

Earlier in the day yesterday, my brother Facetimed everyone to say that he loved us, all was well, but he would be off the grid for a little while, time and location unannounced. Last night, Vor and I watched the president’s speech, and when he made a throw away mention of keeping military high on Syria right now, I dropped my head down. I have no way of knowing, but I fear. It seems that here we are, twelve years later, and we may be on the verge on doing it all over again.

As always, there are moments that time seems to slow down on September 11, and I use those moments of motionlessness and clarity to think of the people my family lost, and the people my friends lost, and the people that everyone in all our communities lost. I try to use sheer force of will to ask the universe to keep my family and friends who are active military members, many of whom are deployed right now, safe. It may seem like that is futility personified, but I cannot believe it to be so.

I will always remember, and I will always hope. Before, Then, Now, Therefore; Still, Always; Remember, Hope. I keep it all within me.

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