Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My True Love Gave To Me

In the last seven days, I've had:

(1) Four speaking engagements at conferences and CLEs
(2) Five hearings, two of which were all day hearings
(3) Weekend guests with bonus pug
(4) A toddler who has developed a suspicious cough that makes her kind of sound like a seal
(5) Three emergencies on three different cases
(6) Submitted four different documents (mostly findings of fact and conclusions of law) to the court that were at least 20 pages long

and I'm sure the partridge in a pear tree is in the basement somewhere.

SPEAKING OF THE BASEMENT, I have really awesome news that I am putting in a separate post that will totally become my next little (utterly irrelevant and boring to anyone to me, Vor, and Lis) series.

Things are going...well! around here. It's amazing what happens when you decide to unfreeze yourself and take the steps you need to take in order to stop living in survival mode, and start living.

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