Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project Playroom

We have kind of a big house.

We bought way more house than we needed, because we wanted to skip the "starter" house steps, and yeah, we went seriously into debt with the help of Vor's mom and my parents, bought way more house than we needed or could have otherwise afforded. We banked on Vor's salary mostly, as well as some other things, and it's paid off. mostly through sheer dumb luck and Vor's prior engineering degree, but don't tell him I ever said that. I still insist that the real ENG major is English, not engineering.

Anywho, we have "five bedrooms," which is in quotes because one of those bedrooms is in the basement. It's a legit bedroom, with an access window to outside and a closet, etc, but the people who lived here before us used it as a playroom. It's painted with butterflies and caterpillars and trees and clouds, etc. It's kind of painful in its cuteness. You know, the sweetness that seems like a good idea at first until it makes your teeth ache. This room has basically been a storage room for us, which is sad, because before Lis was born, we loved the basement, but carrying a baby up and down and all around and diapers and bottles and OMG it is just not worth it to go into the basement.

Except--now we have a toddler who can toddle herself up and down the stairs under her own power THANK THE MERCIFUL LORD with supervision of course. We spend more time down there now. So, we are creating a Lis Space down there.

Project Playroom actually has two parts: (1) The Playroom, and (2) The Adult Room.

The Playroom has one window, one closet, and also has access to our main electrical box and our water valves. The ceiling is two levels, and some of the walls in the playroom are angles, and not all the corners are 90 degree angles. One of the playroom walls is adjacent to the landing of the steps leading into the basement. The closet actually is one of those under the stairs closets that starts full-sized and narrows down.

We are for sure doing the following: (1) building a 3-D tree that projects from the wall, with a removable top to cover the electrical box, but leaves us easy access to it; (2) building a secret, Narnia style door/cabinet/bookshelf that leads into the closet; (3) repainting and decorating the closet.

We are contemplating the following: (1) knocking out the top part of the wall between the adult part of the basement and the playroom to essentially create a half wall, letting in the light from the window and allowing adults to see into the playroom easily; (2) cutting a hole in the wall where the stairs landing is, the shared wall between the playroom and the staircase and INSTALLING A FREAKING SLIDE AHHHH I can't even type it without more excitement than you can imagine. WANT. For Lis, of course. Not for me, after a glass of wine, into a ball pit or anything.

There are decorating and movable objecting in play as well: bookshelves, bins, other toy storage, talk of a ball pit, talk of building a stage into one of the weird corners, complete with curtains, having hanging ivy and lanterns from the ceiling, and so on.

The "it depends" projects will depend on time, cost, feasibility of doing it ourselves versus hiring someone, and so on. Obviously, this project will be Lis's Christmas and birthday present to her from us, and we won't have it done until around then.

We have started work on the door first--we drew up plans, assembled bookshelves and cabinets, bought reinforcing boards, and just started making cuts last night. I've started taking before and after pictures of the whole thing, so the progress should be fun to watch.

The Adult Room has many and shifting goals. Our main goal is to make it a cross between a real living space for us and a place to do lots of entertaining, since almost everyone we know has kids. It has a bar with a sink and a mini fridge, and we bought a cart for a song to put behind the bar for storage (seriously, this gorgeous kitchen cart with a stainless steel top for 100 bucks, 75% off). We have a couch, and we have a TV, but that's only on loan, so we will eventually put one down there. We just rearranged the whole darn thing, so the set up looks nice.

What we don't have is any decoration on any of the walls. I am really terrible at wall decor. I just stare at things in the TJ Max Home Goods store, totally blank, and I always walk out empty handed. Too many targets. I get confused. I have to leave before I pass out from indecision. I want to put some stuff on the walls, stuff that matches or coordinates, rather than the hodge podge of stuff we usually do. I also want a freaking clock down there so I know what time it is.

We have a whole section of our basement that is finished and open--Vor wants to (someday) put in a pool table and a dart board. Right now, there is a TV from the 1970s (okay maybe the 80s) and our bike on a trainer, plus my weights, etc. tons of unused space, which quite frankly, Lis and Telly love, because she throws the ball for him over there.

So! That's the start!

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