Sunday, October 13, 2013

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

We traveled to Massachusetts this past Thursday to visit Vor’s twin sister, VB. It involved an hour ride to our airport, two flights that were an hour and a half each, then an hour ride from the airport to VB’s house. The train part comes in where we got stuck at a train crossing, waiting for the longest, slowest train EVER to drag its ass out of my way, complete with unhappy baby from all the time being restrained.

All in all, it actually went okay, and Lis did pretty well. The only time she lost her mind was when we had to shut off Mary Poppins on the plane. Lis broke her head phones on the flight, so we played the sound from the iPad speakers on the lowest volume possible to keep her happy. However, the grumpy old biddy behind us (I feel justified in saying this, because when she was boarding and saw that we were sitting in front of her, she sighed loudly, rolled her eyes, and began making complaints, while Lis was just sitting there, coloring quietly—lady was clearly gearing up for a fight, and was going to pick one if nothing readily presented itself) decided that Mary Poppins at the lowest volume was too much for her delicate ears to handle, and complained to the flight attendant. Well, she got exactly what she deserved, because when we shut off Mary Poppins, Lis screamed for 45 minutes, no matter what I did, what snacks or books or toys I produced, however fast I walked her up and down the aisle, etc. So. Karma’s a bitch, and if you have the choice between Julie Andrews singing and a toddler screaming, I think you should CHOOSE WISELY. She choose POORLY. Fortunately, everyone else on the flight was understanding and kind, and complimented us on how well she was doing up to that point and how hard we tried to get her under control. I think some of their comments were pointed enough, because the Bitchy Biddy made her way off the plane as fast as was humanly possible.

Massachusetts, and in particular, the town that VB lives in is just gorgeous this time of year. My heart was just singing at the sight of hills and mountains and colorful trees and leaves. We (allegedly) have four seasons here in Indiana, but one of those is usually drought season, which usually means no pretty leaf colors. Also, it’s Indiana and it’s freaking flat, and sometimes, I just really miss the colors and hills and mountains.

Lis had a blast seeing her auntie and her auntie’s fiancée, ran all over creation and back, completely exhausting herself (the job VB has the town she lives in are both EXTREMELY kid friendly, so it was great to just turn Lis loose and let her run). Lis watched her first volleyball game, and cheered and clapped and screamed happily with the rest of the crowd, and she was generally a rock star.

While we were there, we got to do a bit of wedding planning (or rather, listen to the wedding planning). The chosen location is Seattle (rather than Colorado, the other choice), and I am so excited because (1) I’ve been to Seattle, but not for ages; (2) When I went to Seattle, I was there for swim meets and very little free time; (3) It’s going to be a whole helluva lot easier to get to than Nowheresville In the Mountains, Colorado; and (4) it’s not actually in Seattle, but rather, one of the nearby islands!

My vacation planning mode promptly kicked in, and I started search for B&Bs and vacation rentals. I think we are going with a vacation rental and renting out a house that can house us, Mama Vor, Mama’s Vor date, and potentially VB and her fiancée. I found a bunch of great options, a few of which are directly on the water and come with kayaks. So we are waiting for VB and her fiancée to book their wedding location and figure out what they want to do as far as where they stay, and then we are booking it. Can’t wait. Now I just need to start planning out the rest of the time.

I also get to start shopping for flower girl dresses for Lis. They picked out a brilliant blue color that is downright impossible to match, and the company they are using for bridesmaids dresses doesn’t make flower girl dresses. However, the guys in the wedding are wearing grey suits, and thus, a plan formed. I am ordering the fabric from the company, and Lis will wear a grey dress and we will add a sash or a bow of the fabric. I am hoping to find either a pale grey or a pale blue dress for me, and then get jewelry to match the brilliant blue color.

Speaking of a dress for me, I am down almost four sizes and 20 lbs. I have to admit I am partly excited for this vacation and wedding because I am going to wear a bathing suit and not be miserable, wear a dress and not obsess over rolls and angles. It’s not just vanity, though that’s certainly part of it. I just felt terrible all the time—sick and tired and not healthy. I feel a thousand times better already, and I’m not done yet.

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