Friday, November 22, 2013

Craniosynostosis: Before and After

Consider this part the finis, with pictures! (for other parts, see the craniosynostosis label or go to this post, which has links to all the parts, I swear, I will go back and link them all together someday)


The last one is her waiting to go into surgery. You can see, in all of them, the indents on the side of the head, the obviously too long head, the way the forehead bugles out like a bubble. Her head was kind of shaped like a bullet, and pointy at the back, and it was getting worse week by week.


Round head, indents no longer noticeable, forehead not bulging.

One of my biggest fears in this whole thing (other than death or brain damage, obviously) was that Lis would not look like Lis anymore. Well, that obviously didn't happen; she is very obviously the toddler version of the baby self.

However, it would not be honest to say it didn't affect her looks at all. It did--and probably for the better. Her condition would only have worsened, and her skull would have been seriously deformed. Let's not even talk about the risk of seizures, blindness, and brain damage. From the bridge of the nose down, it still looks exactly like Lis. Her eyes and her forehead are different. Obviously, the forehead doesn't bulge anymore, so there's that. But her eye position is also different--they had to move the eye sockets. She is still very recognizable, very much herself, but it is significant enough for me to notice when I look through pictures. 

So, to any parents who find this with the same fear that I had--that your child won't look like himself or herself--I say, yes. Yes to all of it. Yes, they might look a bit different, and yes you will always recognize them. Yes, they will be the same, and yes, they will be different.

Yes, you're doing the right thing. Yes, I did it too.

Done and done.

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