Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finish, Begin (2)

Let's see. In January, I had Thoughts on what I wanted to accomplish for the year. Got some of it done, but certainly not all of it.

The baby weight issue--It's actually hard to wrap my head around this, but I am down close to 30 pounds form the beginning of the year. So, that's pretty much all the baby weight! This coming year, I want to get rid of the extra weight that I packed on in law school. No specific number in mind, just when I feel healthy, I'll stop.

I had all kinds of goals about books. That was something akin to an epic fail, but it's a goal I want to keep and try again. I really underestimated the amount of time I needed to work in the evening, and how much time it takes to get Lis ready for school the next day, get everything for myself packed, and clean up. By then, it's 9 pm, and if I don't go to bed and start trying to fall asleep, I am useless at work. I got some books read, which is an infinite number more than last year. Onwards!

I struggle with the stepping away from the Internet thing. It's a learning process, so it remains a goal.

The whole "conversations I need to have" thing is hilarious given what happened at work. My coworker left and moved out of state, and I got promoted to her position, which is exactly what I wanted--the research, writing, presentation, speaking, training, and policy end of things. I achieved that goal, by hook or by crook. The conversations about financial planning occurred, and I have been writing our own wills and trusts (I LOVED property law, call me sick). The second baby thing is looking like a definite no, but of course, that is an on going conversation. Haven't had those conversations with/about my parents yet. Need to do that.

So, this coming year:
1. Finish the get Grace healthy campaign
2. Read more
3. Conversations with/about parents
4. Be more present when I am home, and less absorbed in work/cyberspace
5. House stuff--painting, decorating (we've lived here since 2009, and we still have blank walls)
6. Pick family hobby and implement said hobby. I'm struggling with this one--I vote for hiking, Vor votes for legos. I vote for kayaking, Vor votes for age appropriate science projects. Do we see a theme? The one activity he votes for--biking--I loathe. I am so short in the torso/arm department that I am always leaning waaaaaay to far to reach the handlebars and in a matter of ten minutes, my back hurts like the fire of a thousand hells. I hate riding a bike. So, we still need to work on picking a hobby. We may need to pick two hobbies, but I do not see any kind of compromise between inherently active v. inherently sedentary.


Attorney at Large said...

Congrats on the 30 pounds! (I did that part of it last year and am struggling with the last bit -- dear lord, how I struggle.)

What about geocaching? It combines hiking with geeking!

Also, the way I got my husband back into doing outdoorsy things (because he was an uber boy scout and felt he had suffered enough) was to hype gear. TECH GADGETS FTW.

It took me years to get my kid from "terrified of grass" to "willing to hike in an old growth forest" but damn it, I did it.

CP said...

AAL's suggestion about geocaching sounds awesome! I've always wanted to try that!

Good job on the 30 pounds- no small feat for sure!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

#4 is my big one. I so wish I didn't have to be online - and on Facebook, even - for work.