Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cabin Fever

Well! I'd say I'm sorry for being terrible at blogging, but I'm not. It's the holidays, and I was busy holidaying (read: baking, entertaining, mothering, wife-ing, drinking, eating, wrapping, decorating, and many more ings).

The Little Irish Souvenir turned two (2!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on Sunday, which wrapped up our holiday season. Pictures later.

So, Snowmageddon, AMIRITE? If you don't want to read all this, you can skip to the last paragraph as summation of this delight. Look. I come from Buffalo, the Land Of Snow And Ice. I live in Indianapolis, where people are always SHOCKED by the fact it snowed because hey I thought we were too far south for this? Every year. No, guys. We are the Midwest. We are not the south. Get it together and (1) get a shovel; (2) get some plows; and (3) learn how to drive in the snow.

I actually have a really fond/funny memory of living in Bloomington whilst in law school. It was my 3L year, when I was commuting back and forth between Indianapolis, where I lived with the husband Vor, and Bloomington, where I lived like a law student with my roommate Velvet. It snowed badly enough that I had to stay longer in Bloomington than I usually did, so I decided to make the best of it and trudge over to the library and get work done. Normally, it was a 15 minute walk. It took me close to an hour and a half for the following reasons:

(1) Snow everywhere, and ice. So that made things slower than usual, especially since what passed for a snow plow in Bloomington was a FREAKING GOLF CART WITH A SHOVEL ATTACHED TO THE FRONT.
(2) I stopped to help no fewer than 3 undergrads get their cars out of the snow. Their first problem was thinking that their bright red VW Beetles were awesome cars for the mommies and daddies to buy them to take to college in Midwest, because those are always so great in ice and snow. The second problem was how they thought they could get out of the snow by just hitting the gas as hard as they could. So cute. So I showed them how to kick gravel or kitty litter or whatever under the wheels, and then rock the car (drive, reverse, repeat). Success! I was a goddess.
(3) I had to stop to tell one poor soul that her car was hopelessly buried and she should just go back inside. It really didn't help that she iced herself in by--you guessed it!--spinning the wheels pointlessly.

Ah, memories.

Anyway, present day. It started on Thursday. I woke up to about five inches of snow, and lo! This was supposed to be the first day back to work from the holidays. Since it wasn't too bad, I dropped Lis off at daycare, then tried to go to the gym. My car would not make it up the steep hill, since it had not been plowed. So I went into the office, only to watch it get increasingly worse. After doing a radio interview at 2pm (I KNOW!!!), I went home to work. The weather wasn't great Friday either.

It began really snowing on Saturday. We began exchanging Looks and Vor began occasionally shoveling the driveway. Eventually, he had to break out the snow blower, because it was snow in 34 degree weather, which means really heavy, wet snow. Awesome for snowballs and sledding and snowmen, terrible for shoveling. It snowed all night, and all Sunday, and the only people who could make it to our house fort Lis's birthday party were our next door neighbors, and they had a hell of time seeing our house from their house. Sunday night, the temperatures plummeted, the wind howled, and the snow drifted everywhere. The heavy, wet snow froze solid, and if you hadn't kept up on the shoveling, you were screwed, because that snow is still so frozen you can walk on it.

School, daycare, work, the courts--all were closed by Sunday night. If they caught you out driving, they gave you a ticket. We are still closed today, because the temperature is -12 with a windchill of -41, same as yesterday. Yesterday, the dog thought he would be cute (read: stupid as always) and go frolic on the snow drift while Vor yelled at him to get his ass off the snow drift and down into the normal levels of snow. Telly promptly broke through the drift and got stuck, necessitating a rescue before he froze to death. I wish I was joking or exaggerating.

So, while this is no 8 feet of snow that either (a) traps me in my high school overnight for two nights or (b) allows me to jump off the roof of my house, or (c) allows me to climb a snow drift that is 20 feet high and touch the streetlights, I have to say, Indianapolis, this was fairly impressive, especially the -47 windchill on Monday. Well done, Indy, well done.

The whole point of writing all this was to tell you that I have been inside this house with Vor and Lis and Telly since Saturday night and it is now Tuesday and OH GOD SEND WINE.

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Attorney at Large said...

I was married in the Sierras in the aftermath of a blizzard of Donner Party proportions and have zero tolerance for lowland drivers. Of which nearly everyone in Portland is. "A half-inch of snow? Let's park the cars on the freeways and leave 'em there!"

I love to drive in the snow. I just hate everyone else doing it.