Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2013 Garden Roundup (heh); 2014 Garden Plans

Round up. ROUNDUP. Get it? Like weed killer? Referencing a garden post? Oh, I slay myself.

In 2013, I planted 3 types of tomatoes, rosemary, basil, dill, pole beans, carrots, squash, and lettuce. I have two circular garden beds. One I carefully organized, planned, and planted. The other, I handed seeds to Lis and let her throw them in all hodgepodge, then covered them up with dirt.

The 2013 results: tomatoes grew very well. I have had success tomatoes since 2008, so I’m going to go ahead and call it, and say that I have a tomato green thumb. Same for rosemary and basil. Some kind of rot hit my squash this year, which was sad, since I had great yields in 2011 and 2012. The beans were going along great until the damn rabbit chewed through the fence and ate them all. I had fair success with lettuce. For three years running, I have had zero success with the following: dill, carrots, spinach.

The 2014 plans: 

Tomato varieties: two cherry tomatoes (Black Pearl and Italian Ice); one early, “normal” type tomato (Summer Girl); one One-pound tomato (Big Rainbow); then Burpee’s Heirloom Tomato Rainbow Blend. This includes Black Krim, Bonny Best, Brandywine Pink, Evergreen, and Golden Girl. I have always planted the Purple Cherokee tomatoes, since it is my absolute favorite tomato. However, I wanted to give Black Krim a try, and this is a lot of tomatoes. If I happen to see an already started Purple Cherokee plant somewhere, I’ll grab it, but I am going to leave it up to chance this year.

Lettuce: I think I know what I’ve been doing wrong with the lettuce. It is just too hot, too early here, so I ordered the heat resistant variety and I am planting it a month earlier than what I usually do. I am also hiding my lettuce under the tomato plants this year, so in the spring, they will be the starts, and then as summer comes, the tomato plants will offer shade.

Spinach: Although I have had terrible luck with spinach, I ordered a new, more heat resistant variety this year, and I am planting it in the same manner as the lettuce: earlier and with a hiding hole. We shall see.

Rosemary, basil: I stick these in wherever they will fit, usually near the tomatoes or in their own herb dedicated planter.

Garlic: planted this last fall, but I always plant some in spring because I love garlic shoots. Again, this goes wherever.

Leeks and scallions: I’ve had moderate success with these, so I want to see if I can actually pull it off. I ordered the variety that is basically titled “leeks and scallions for dummies.” They will be planted in their own 2 ft container, as well as in the ground near the tomatoes and lettuce.

Pole beans: Yep. Would have had an awesome crop if it wasn’t for the damn rabbit. Getting a wire fence this time.

Corn: I honestly could not care less if I get a single ear of corn. I don’t really eat it. But I live in Indiana, and I thought it might be fun to plant corn in the two massive planters on our front porch. It might look cool to have some corn stalks, gently swaying in the breeze! If it happens to work out, then Vor loves corn. I got a variety that is a dwarf corn, perfect for containers.

Blueberries: My evil master plan for our yard involves a row of blueberry bushes. So, this year, I ordered two blueberry plants. I am going to start them in large containers. If they do well, great; they may eventually make it into the blueberry hedge. If not, then I’m only out $40.

I have one thing I am really excited to try, and it involves the beans, the cherry tomatoes, sweet pea flowers, basil, and lettuce. I have a very tall hanging plant stand that holds 2 planters and anchors into the ground, very firmly. I am going to cut a hole in my 12” circumference grow bag, slide the pole through it, and then anchor it into the ground. In the bottom, in the grow bag, I will plant sweet pea and pole beans, and let them grow up the pole (maybe I will add a second pole). In the two hanging planters, I will plant the two cherry tomato varieties, basil, and lettuce.  The vision in my head is a beautiful sight. We will see if reality can actually meet up somewhere with it.

I’m planting marigolds in various locations around the gardens, because they’re pretty. Due to the rot problem, I am leaving out squash this year.

I want to turn the blank space along the side of our house into a wild flower garden, so I ordered a ton of flower seeds, and I am basically going to throw them in and cover them up, then whatever happens, happens. If I can find a cheap trellis somewhere, I will toss one in and add sweet pea.

So that's the dirt (HAHAHA) on my gardening plans.

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