Saturday, February 15, 2014


1.       Innumerable snow days. I have not had a full week of work since before Christmas because of snow and stellar temperatures. I mean, I’m from Buffalo, the land of snow and ice, but even I have to admit that an actual temp of -17 and a wind chill of -40 is pretty damn cold. So, that means I’ve lost almost a week of work, and I am scrambling to keep up, working nights after Lis goes to bed.

2.       My docket. It got quiet, then it exploded with all kinds of nastiness, the exact kind of nastiness that you have in your worst nightmares about your kids. It’s been awful, and its resulted in several full day emergency hearings, one of which lasted until 9:30 pm, and I had to have a sheriff escort me to my car because there were threatening figures waiting for us outside.

3.       Our publication. It’s taken the back burner because of all the insanity on my caseload, but I’ve been working feverishly.

4.       Presentations. I’ve had a lot of them, and more are coming up. They take a ridiculous amount of prep time.

5.       Lis. She’s suddenly a major trouble maker, mischievous, into everything, sometimes adorable, sometimes a mess of tempers and tantrums. She’s also suddenly speaking in sentences, and it’s hilarious. She’s a ham, she dances, she acts, she screeches no. Even when I am my most frustrated with her, she is hilarious and fascinating. I was worried about her speech development, but her 2 year well child visit took care of that worry. Her doctor is pleased and not seeing any delays relating to her surgery. Lis’s coordination is… well, every parent thinks they have a special snowflake, but now that I’ve had professionals comment on it, and I’m going to call it. Her coordination is off the charts. She has been running since 11 months, one foot in front of the other; she’s been jumping with both feet since 18 months; since 20 months, she stands on one foot, with the other leg raised behind her or in front of her; and since probably 18 months, she has been able to climb any type of ladder at a playground, even ladders that twist and turn around on themselves. She is really, really fast, which I suppose makes sense, because Vor is really fast (he can actually outrun our dog, at least for a time). She throws a ball clear across our house, and she throws it correctly—not the girly/baby push throw, but actually cocks her arm back and shifts her body, then follows through. I am…somewhat alarmed by all this coordination. It makes her a handful.

6.       Travels. We went to Buffalo to visit family, which was fun and freezing. Lis handled the car ride pretty well, with the help of some advice of the MILPs. I have a trip scheduled to go to see my brother’s family while is still deployed, so that’s April. In May we have my SIL’s bachelorette party, so Vor and I are tentatively planning on that. Then we have her wedding in August, which is going to be our big vacation this year—a week in Seattle! We are still tentatively planning a big vacation for 2015, though depending on how Lis does with traveling long distances/time changes/Vor’s partnership vote (late 2015!) we might be willing to delay that until 2016. I’ll do another travel option post later, as some have been eliminated and some have been added.

7.       House. We are painting a huge portion of our house. We’re picking out the bright/bold color for the kitchen, and then making the rest of the house work around it. I am vying for this gorgeous gray-purple color, while Vor is pushing for these pretty pumpkin/copper colors. We have really light cabinets, so we’re trying to see what will work best with those. I am not good at this, this color matching/contrasting/complimenting thing. I just want someone to come in and tell me what to do.

8.       Craftiness. I have a sewing machine. I am trying to learn how to use it. I am failing miserably. All I want to do is hem my pants and do a few things, like make a pillow or turn Lis’s jumpers into shirts or whatever, damnit. It is impossible to figure out. I really am at a loss on how to figure this thing out.

9.       Husband. He’s been working hard at developing clients, and is in the process of trying to land a huge one, which we be awesome for partnership. I can’t believe he’s been there long enough already that we are talking about the p-word. I’m surprising him with symphony tickets for Valentine’s Day and a (not so romantic) dinner (in his office! Ha! Because its right next to the symphony!). We’ve been doing yoga together, which has been weirdly awesome. We’re working our way through Babylon 5, and we’ve watched all of Sherlock.

10.   Me. I’ve been at the gym a lot, doing yoga, and doing quick barre online workouts in the office to get myself limber during the day. It’s made a difference. I would really love to try a yoga class, but I just don’t see where I could fit it into my schedule or my budget right now. If Vor and I stick with doing to yoga DVDs together, maybe for a present for Christmas or something I will get us a set of classes. In the meantime, any suggestions on good DVDs would be awesome.

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