Sunday, March 16, 2014

Giving The Mouse A Cookie

My MIL has a streak of OCD that results in the dust just hovering above every surface in the house, too afraid to actually land on anything.

In reality, she just sweeps and dusts and cleans and vacuums far more than I ever will. She has a cleaning lady, and then she cleans up after the cleaning lady. She's passed the trait on to her son, also known as my husband. My husband had the (mis)fortune to marry a girl who was more than happy to let the clean clothes sit in a pile on the floor, because at least I knew where all the clean clothes were, and I didn't need to rifle through anything.

Five years ago, in the interests of martial harmony, we agreed that we would forego having cable television so that we could have a cleaning lady. BEST DECISION EVER.

Vor also has this tendency of rearranging furniture. It never starts out as wanting to rearrange the entire room and every item in it, but that's the way it ends up, every time. He starts off wanting to hang a picture on the wall in the living room, and suddenly the dog is cowering in the corner and the couch is 270 degree from where it was, as is everything else in the room.

This happens about three times a year: spring, late summer, late fall/early winter.

We've been watching one of our bookcases slowly bow further and further under the weight of all the books we have in it. We've also been watching the very sturdy bookcase we wanted slowly drop further and further in price, until last Sunday, when it was on clearance. SOLD. It was delivered to our house Wednesday, and was assembled by Friday. "We're just swapping out this book case for the broken one, right?" I asked repeatedly. "Nothing crazy, right? Because if you're going to go all spring fever on me, I need to make a crockpot meal and take some Tylenol now." I was REPEATEDLY ASSURED that it was a simple book case swap.

It was not a simple bookcase swap.

Every single book was removed from every single book case. We have eight (8) (EIGHT) bookcases in our office of varying sizes and shapes, and they are doubled stacked with books (i.e. a row of books behind the books in the front). Items were removed from walls. Vor has a u-shaped desk, which is 2 L units put together. One part of one of L units was removed to create a reeeaaallly long L shaped desk. Bookcases were dusted, carpets were vacuumed. Things were put in places that were not the places they had been put in before. Books were sorted, reorganized, and stuck out in our hallway.

Then, Vor had the brilliant idea to invite friends over, and "Don't worry. We'll have all this cleaned up by the time they come over at 4:30."

No. no, it was not, and everything was basically shoved in a jumble back into the office and we shut the doors. After Lis was put down for the night and our guests left, I sat in the office chair--the only free, clean space--and read Pride and Prejudice out loud to Vor until well after 11pm, while he organized books. It wasn't that we were done at 11 pm, it was that we just decided it was time to go to bed. He finally finished this afternoon, while I made dinner and we abandoned Lis to the TV for 45 minutes.

People (lawyers) always disapprove of slippery slope arguments, saying it's not likely, its extrapolating too far, and so on. People. This was a slippery slope in action. I gave the mouse a cookie, and then there was the glass of milk, and it ended in a new office.

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Kate Sherwood said...

Ahhh, the urge to rearrange rooms and furniture. Luckily, both my daughter and I have that gene, so we understand each other. But, timing is everything.

I think you mentioned in a comment on Magic Cookie's roundup you would consider being a MILP hostess. I am giving Butterflyfish a break from coordinating. If you are still interested, will you e-mail me at


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