Friday, March 7, 2014

Lily Pads

RG gave me this idea in this post, and I thought it sounded great. Everything has been such a drag, and I haven't been able to think about anything good--it's all felt so awful and overwhelming this year. So, it's time to find the good--the definite bright spots I/we can look forward to this year!

This weekend: Vor and I are going to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra after we go out to dinner.

March: St. Patrick's Day, which means I can dress in green from head to toe, and she can march around with her red head, and I'm all, "Yep. Irish baby, a souvenir from our trip to Ireland." Also, Guinness, corn beef and cabbage, and Irish soda brad, made according to the exact specifications of my Irish grandmother.

April: My mother comes in to town for five days; I go to Tucson to visit family for a long weekend, and I am buying cowboy boots. No power in the 'verse can stop me.

May: I get to do the bulk of my garden planting; one of the partners for whom Vor does work throws a huge party, which is always a blast. We get invited, because we are friends, not just co-workers. Oh! A day where my office is closed, but daycare is open, so freeeeeedom!

June: My birthday, and possibly a quick trip to Boston for my SIL's bachlorette party. We also usually do a big day at the zoo in June.

July: I love the Fourth of July, although I really do hate fireworks. But I love parades! My brother will come home from his deployment this month, and I will be so much happier when he is here, instead of in SandLand. This July is also 2 years post-op for Lis, which...yeah. We will probably do something on that day as well.

August: This month is huge. My brother will officially take command of an entire Air Force base; My SIL gets married; and we combine her wedding with our vacation. We go to Seattle for a week and a day. Can't wait. Vor's birthday is in August, too.

September: Nothing planned, so I am going to make a plan right now. MASSAGE.

October: Yes! I get to dress up Lis in a ridiculous outfit and steal her candy! Halloween! Also, fall around here is awesome, so we will do a trip to orchard, get apples, get a pumpkin, and maybe go leaf viewing and hiking.

November: Thanksgiving. It will be low key this year--us, my MIL, some stray friends, etc. Vor does a great job with the turkey, and no one can beat my pies (apple; secret pumpkin recipe; chocolate bourbon pecan pie; etc). Also, I have another day where the office is closed, but daycare is open.

December: We are having Christmas is Tucson, and my entire family is descending upon the city like the locust we are. Me, Vor, Lis, My sister and BIL and their four kids; My brother and SIL and their three kids, my parents, my SIL's parents, my SIL's sister, my MIL, and probably Vor's sister. It's going to be epic. I'm not sure the poor city of Tucson will survive us.

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