Sunday, March 30, 2014

MILP Round Up #340

So! This is my first time hosting a roundup! This is the MILP (Mother In the Legal Profession) Roundup, where we gather out posts for week.Let’s just try to get this one right, hmm, and we’ll worry about a theme next time, okay? I promise you, if I left you out, I didn’t mean to. It’s not you, it’s me.

LL has now sent me on a shopping scamper twice: once for books, and once for really cool things that I didn’t know existed, but I now know that I need (like that floating coffee mug).

Dinei is overdue, and doing the childcare dance, no thanks to her family.

CP took a trip and made me drool for BBQ.

RG has found that one of the side effects of reality TV, specifically HHI, includes nostalgia.

Queen of Hats described her ideal book club.

Shan is really moving her revolution forward!

Hard Boiled Egg is finding that just a taste of spring is not enough, and might be worse than no taste at all. 

Daisy would like to know if you are her people?

Go tell Kate congrats for surviving the MPRE!