Friday, March 28, 2014

Pop Quiz

I thought karma was supposed to pay you back. That’s the idea, right?

So, in the veins of karma’s a bitch, if you’ve done a bad turn to someone else, you’re supposed to get some payback. But what if you’ve been on the receiving end of some Bad Luck From The Universe? Shouldn’t you get a break?

This is my way of asking why the f*#k I am waiting for the doctor, then probably on to the ER, with a kid who got bit by a poisonous spider. Thanks, Karma. I would have sat this one out.  I am taking deep breaths and using all my new calming techniques and telling myself that it will be OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. Not only I am (obviously! first! foremost!) worried about Lis, I am also worried about my ability to take my daughter into a hospital for the specific purpose of treating a (somewhat? maybe? definitely?) scary problem without losing it.

I guess the proof is about to be mixed into the pudding. 


QoH (AAL) said...

Oh, no! Thinking good thoughts for you guys! (Think of all the gray hair you can blame on her?)

Grace said...

All is well!