Friday, March 14, 2014

Things In Random Order

On a whim, because it was Lent, because I frustrated,  because I was sick of headaches, because a million things, I gave up Twitter and Facebook.

It's amazing how my headaches have gone away since then, probably because I spend less time looking at a screen for no productive reason. I'm not a "spend hours on Facebook or Twitter" person, but I guess it really adds up after awhile. In related news, I think all of my headaches are induced my computer/phone/ipad screens, which is kind of a problem for an attorney who is in the midst of writing a major publication.

Vor and I, about two months ago, got into doing yoga together. It has been surprisingly hilarious and fun and relaxing, and hearing my twisting triangle-posed husband swear at the yoga guy and call him a f---ing sadist was a real highlight of my night. Probably my week. Maaaaybe my month. Anyway, it was funny enough that I told a judge, in front of whom I practice regularly, about it and she spit out coffee, laughing.

I was nominated (thrown under the bus) by my colleagues to spear head a major redo, improvement, extension, etc of our website and the materials on it. It makes sense--other than our IT guy, I am the most tech savvy person in the office. But, oh god, it is a lot of work. It just piles on top of all the stuff I am supposed to be doing, like writing, and researching, and litigating.

Lis is...Lis. She's two. One moment, she is snuggled in lap, with her head nestled onto my shoulder, gently stroking my cheek and telling me she loves me, and the next? I have a bloody nose because she hit me so hard that my ears are still ringing. Lis seems to have eschewed any biting problems in favor of hitting problem, and that girl can SLUG. She is off the charts in height and weight (proportionally), and her coordination continues to be alarmingly good. All of her various and sundry specialists are also alarmed at how coordinated she is, and more than one have asked me if there are any Olympic athletes in our family. Um, yes. Several. God help us, I think we have an athlete on our hands. Not that Vor and I are any strangers to being competitive in sports (me especially), but we both tend towards the education/music/books in our preferences.

I think painting is an addiction, because now that we have the huge open areas of our house painted (entryway, hallways, living room, upstairs open to the living room, kitchen), Vor is having me pick out colors for the upstairs bathroom. This time, we are going to do it ourselves (haaaaa oh god).

Vor has decided that I need a regular break, a small chunk of time that belongs to me and only me. So, starting last week, he takes Lis on a date on Saturday mornings, and I get about two hours to myself. Last week, I took the longest shower ever, did some work, and read a book. This week, I'm going to the gym, and taking the next longest shower ever. I think this Vor-Lis date thing might result in higher water bills.

My broken toes are healing, I think. They still hurt if I do a particular movement, and my range of motion is not 100%, but they are much better. My mother in law is out of her cast, and done with all the surgeries. Her face still looks really bruised though, and it's moved into the yellow/green stage of bruising.

Because I am desperately trying to savor Babylon 5, Vor and I randomly started watching a Buffy The Vampire Slayer last night. About five minutes into it, I turned to Vor and said, somewhat suspiciously, "This feels like Joss Wheadon. Does this feel like Joss Wheadon to you?" Yes. Yes, it does, Grace, because IT IS.

Speaking of TV, our TV watching has drastically gone down since it is staying lighter, longer. Why? Because Lis won't go to sleep until it is dark outside. We put her to bed at her usual bedtime (6:30/7 pm), and she sits in her crib and howls and talks and laughs and plays and chitters and whines until 9 pm, when the sun disappears and then she passes out. She wakes up incredibly grumpy. We have to be really quiet while she is awake, because if she hears us, she will sob until she throws up if we don't come get her. If we are quiet, she just plays and talks to her stuffed animals.

On that note, after she gets up from her nap, I think we are going to buy some better blackout curtains.

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