Monday, April 14, 2014

Jet Plane(s)

My brother deployed last June/July (I say this as a slash, because part of the deployment was almost a month stateside, away from his family, no visits allowed, doing what he called his James Bond training). He'll be home this July.

My family, and my SIL's family has taken turns visiting her and the kids to break up the deployment. This past weekend was my turn, so I went out to Tucson.

Thunderbirds, flying formation! I also have crazy awesome video of them flying directly overhead, as well as A-10s (my favorite!) flying formation. There was also the Red Bull helicopter, which is the only specialized designed acrobatic helicopter (I could be wrong about the only part, but I'm pretty sure I'm not). I almost had a heart attack watching it. It's not my first rodeo when it comes to airshows, and as the daughter of a helicopter pilot, and a frequent flier in one, I generally know what they can and can't do. When I saw that helicopter start to go straight up to do a loop, and go FREAKING upside down, I almost screamed. Helicopters don't do that! Except this one, of course. It was amazing. I actually got to meet up with some friends I had not seen since 2010. My friend S was watching with me, and remarked, "I'm pretty sure that's how you crash a helicopter. Not fly it." Red Bull apparently really does give you wings.

Tucson is one of my top three or four favorite places in the US. Beautiful, warm (hot), sunny, mountains, dry, glorious place. I spent some QT with my nieces and nephew and SIL on their porch, under this tree, looking at the mountains. I also have lots of embarrassing pictures and video of me and the kids, but those are not blog fodder. I love this place, and I always hate to leave it. A long weekend is too short to spend here, and certainly too short to spend with family, but it will have to do for now. 

We come back and Christmas, this time with Vor and Lis. My entire family will be here--all my siblings, all their kids, my MIL, and probably's even Vor's sister. It will be amazing. We're planning a huge family photo in the desert.

As much as I loved my time, and as much as I hate to leave my SIL and the kids and the desert, I am desperate to get home to my husband and my baby. I miss Vor and his humor and his kisses and his quirks. I miss Lis and her still baby-ish legs and her sloppy kisses and her temper and her curls. I need those toddler arms wrapped around me, ASAP. 

So, a short, busy vacation, but a good one.

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