Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One For The Baby Book

Scene: Lis races up to me, with something in her hand. I can’t see what it is, but she is really animated.

Lis: F#ck. You.
Me: (jaw drops open)
Vor: (jaw drops open)

Lis is obviously displeased that we don’t get it, and gets more insistent, waving her hands around.
Lis: F#CK. YOU. F#CK. YOU.

Me: Lis, sweetie…can you say that again? Can you show me?

Lis: (holds out a FORK and a SPOON) F#CK. YOU. (translation: Fork comes out Fuk, and Spoon comes out Ooo, with a soft n at the end).

Me, Vor: (fall to floor laughing)
Lis: (delighted at our laughter) F#CK! YOU! FORK! SPOON!

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