Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Garden, Planted

Lis helped ("helped") me finish up the garden this weekend, so! Brisk clap! The 2014 Garden Looks thusly:

Petunias planted alongside the house where I ripped out the evil rose bushes.

First Garden Bed: (1) Purple Cherokee Tomato; (2) Summer Girl Tomato; (3) lettuce; (4) Alyssum and marigolds; (5) Rosemary; (6) Thyme; and (7) I gave Lis a bowl of leftover seeds and let her plant them, so I suspect we will see some surprises. I've already seen the beginnings of other tomato plants, but I've no idea what kinds they might be.

Second Garden Bed: (1) Big Rainbow Tomato; (2) Pink Brandywine Tomato; (3) Pineapple Tomato; (4) random tomato blend, so we will see what pops up; (5) spinach; (6) a random radish or beet leftover form last year; and (7) Once again, the Lis special of random things. I've already seen sweet pea popping up, which might be pretty and climb up the garden fence.

First cedar barrel: Mint and chocolate mint, chives, zinnias, alysum, bells of Ireland.

Second cedar barrel: leeks, scallions, random flowers that Lis planted.

2 matching pots: 2 blueberry plants.

2 hanging containers that are sitting on the stairs because the hanging planter stand couldn't hold them: Italian Ice Tomato; Black Pearl Tomato; basil; lettuce; alyssum.

So far, the tomatoes are rocking out. I love tomatoes. Vor is allergic to them. So I get to eat ALL THE TOMATOES. I am surprised and pleased with how well this variety of spinach is doing; it actually seems to like the heat. I am really excited about the fact that I planted flowers in with the veggies this year, to give it some color and some pretty.

Lis has been hilarious with the garden. She was so delighted to throw seeds everywhere and then go around and push them into the ground. She was less interested with translating actual plants, but she water the hell out of these plants. I got her a small, toddler-sized watering can and she just fill sit it up and goes around and waters all the plants. It's actually really helpful. We are working on learning what plants are okay to eat, so now she just walks up to the chives, swipes a handful, and eats the chives. She is NOT a fan of mint.

I'm really looking forward to doing this garden with her this year

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