Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Lis: Mommy! Sit!
Me: Lis, I'm cooking dinner, but as soon as I'm done, I'll sit.
Lis: MOMMY SIT. (claps at me, like "chop, chop!")
Me: (mouth hanging open) Did you just...clap at me? Like I'm the dog?
Lis: Telly, sit (claps hands).
Telly: (sits)
Lis: MOMMY SIT (claps hands).

Lis: Turbo.
Me: That has to do with engines and going fast.
Lis: Fast! Like doggie! Baby gets doggie. Turbo. Doggie Turbo. (translation: She wants a new dog and to name him Turbo).

Telly: (sees his best dog friend and runs into the street after the other dog)
Vor: DAMN DOG! (chases dog)
Lis: DAMN DOG! DAMN DOG! DAMN DOG! (dissolves into giggles)
Me: Oh, shit.
Lis: OH SHI--
Me: Lis! Say cucumber!
Lis: (mommy's bad word forgotten) COOCOMER.
Me: (muttering about tragedies being averted)

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Kate Sherwood said...

One of Rosebud's first words? "Dumb butt," said in the exact inflection I used while addressing another driver on the road. I started watching what I said more carefully after that.

I like the "cucumber" save. Fast thinking!

Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living