Monday, May 26, 2014

MILP #347: Better Late Than Never, RIGHT?!?

Well. SOMEONE can't remember what day it is and keeps writing April on her pleadings and her checks. I had completely convinced myself that it was a completely different week than it actually was, so when I entered the roundup into my May calendar...well. HERE WE ARE.

Butterflyflsh gave us some mini posts, like a glimpse into the life.

I totally stole CP's idea of the art gallery in the kitchen (it's now in my office), but I have no intention of stealing her running injury.

But I Do Have A Law Degree had a really great Mother's Day, and the first picture of her kids nearly killed me with cute.

You know who else finished the job and slayed me with cuteness and new baby cheeks? Dinei.

Magic Cookie exited the comfort zone, which is always a completely terrifying and uncomfortable thing to do.

Only 3 Years had so much going on in one post that my head swam. Jet lag and catching up, indeed.

Kate's daughter might have morphed into Snow White, and that would be pretty badass, because have you all SEEN Once Upon A Time? Snow White is pretty much amazing. Oh, and, you know, there's that THING called the BAR EXAM, but no big deal, right? (OMG).

LL's Cora is six months (!!!) and is totally adorable. When I saw that dress that LL bought, my eyes turned green with envy. Love it.

Momttorney gives us a great update on Mia, and the cupcake batter picture is priceless.

The Queen Of Hats dreads the "why" question, but not from the usual suspect(s).

Perfect Yellow Yolk gave me two favorite things to ponder: new books to read and baby names!

Daisy JD gives us a funny memory, and it's pretty fun to go back through your own memory treasure chest to look for the one that makes you laugh every time.

Kderoll talks about life with two kids: maybe not always fun, but always funny. I totally get that.

If I missed you, tell me. I'll add you in.

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