Monday, May 26, 2014

There But For Grace Itself

I lost a friend last year. He died over in Afghanistan, one of many killed during this war. I miss him. He is buried back home, and it's too far of a trek for me to make just to visit his grave. Instead, today, I dug out an old picture of him from high school and sat staring at it for awhile.

I still think that above post (Serve) says all this, all the things I want to say about Memorial Day, about the 4th of July, about Veterans' Day, the best.

I have many, many more friends and family members who serve this country. My brother is still (STILL) deployed, and they are talking about extending his deployment (!!!!#$&@!!!!). Every time I see that yet another bombing has occurred, right by his freaking office window, I cringe and hold my breath, sure that this time, our luck has run out. So far it hasn't.

I keep praying and hoping it won't.

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