Monday, July 7, 2014

MILP #354

Here's the weekly Mothers in the Legal Profession Round Up. We're moms, we're lawyers, we blog. Sometimes, we manage to do it on time; that day is not today for me. (jebus, there were a lot to post this time, so tell me if I missed you!)

Let's do this one "In Her Own Words" style. For the week ending July 6, I present to you:

Alice in Wonderland: "It is meta. Profound. Universal. SUPER." And with an epic, awesome photo!

Magic Cookie: "We heard a crash around 10 p.m. and it was X, who had leaped up, clawed K awake, knocked over the lamps, and run out into the hallway yelling 'TIME TO PLAY!' I don't think he ever fell asleep." Let's not ever put our kids in the same room together, eh? Lis took all the photos off the wall in my parents' guest room while she was "asleep."

Nonsense and Frippery: "Meanwhile my friends in Japan and Canada are finishing up their year-long maternity leaves. Sigh." Yeah. Oh yeah. Leaving that cute behind is a KILLER. 

Only 3 Years: "I've been gone over a month, and it's all the same old stuff." I feel you--lather, rinse, repeat, right?

BJJ, Law, and Living: "I am not panicking, yet. I am just very aware." Preeeeeetty sure I just said the same thing to my boss. She laughed. 

Lag Liv: "Today was the first day I hit an impenetrable wall/cliff as a working parent." Did she EVER, people. I wanted to hand her wine though the screen after I read it. 

Mommy Maddness: "We're here for the holiday." Beautiful! 

Queen of Hats: "She likes the mistake hug well enough that she went from crying when she made a mistake to saying 'MORE MISTAKES HUGS!' which I count as a win." Well, you should! (This post also resulted in me asking for mistake hugs. QofH laughed at me, but when I asked Vor, he looked at me with his head cocked to the side. Note to self: explain concept before asking for it.)

Perspectives from a Hard Boiled Egg: "And yet here I am, at 25 weeks, praying I make it to 38 weeks, wondering, guilt ridden and scared out of my mind." Oh, girl. From one 
complicated pregnancy person to another, you DID NOT CAUSE THIS. It just happens sometimes.

Kderoll: "She is having the 'Is this really a good idea having a second child right now?' breakdown. Unfortunately it is a little too late to be asking that question, but I love having two and am not afraid (yet) of having more." Ah yes. Nothing like the good old pregnancy freak out--the second thoughts come when it's too late! I am glad to hear that some people like having two kids, because every time I talk to parents with two, they give me crazy eyes.

Daisy JD: "I'm back from a 4 night work trip to New York City and since many of you shared suggestions of where to go and what to eat I thought I'd share some of the highlights." Nothing I love more than a good trip roundup with pictures! Keeps the travel bug at bay. 

Full of the Dickens: "Apparently, there used to be a meth lab on our street...the sex offender apartment is still standing me. It's a cute little neighborhood." (Sorry, CP, but that just cracked me up).

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