Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Bar Exam: Up Hill, Both Ways, With A Broken Thumb

I am parked in the same location that I always parked myself in when I was studying for the bar: the corner window seat of the law school library. It's a beautiful room, with 3 story ceiling to floor glass windows that overlooks a nice park, the state capitol building, and downtown itself.

Of course, since I studied for the bar in this location, it's making me angsty, especially since I am surrounded by panicking recently graduated law students who are studying for the bar. In fact, I even know a couple of them, and they keep asking me questions. I'm all like, "Dude, I can field any and every family law question for you, but stop asking me torts questions. I took the bar and promptly erased it from my memory bank." Of course, this makes them come back and ask general questions, like "How do I plan time during the exam to pee?" and "What if my lucky [earring, ring, necklace, shirt, etc] starts to bug me during the exam?" and "What if my feet go numb from sitting still so long and I get pins and needles?"

You laugh, but these are worries. Mine was "What kind of pen is best to use?" I spent hours testing out pens and seeing what I wanted to use the day of the exam. Of course, BEING STUPID AND PANICKY, I finally found the right pen a week before the exam. But, I had been practicing with pens that had a smaller circumference, so the day of the exam, with my nice gel grip pen, I gave myself a stress fracture in my thumb from gripping a pen I was not accustomed to using, too hard, for too long. 

Yes, that's right. I broke my thumb during the first day of the bar exam, during the essay section. I had to finish the essay section with a broken thumb and then do the multiple choice the next day with a broken, swollen, extremely painful thumb. This was the last year before they let you use laptops, so I guess that's not really a problem anymore. 

So, all ye panicking bar takers out there: If I broke my thumb during the exam, yet still managed to finish and pass, you can do it. Hopefully without breaking your thumb. 

PPS: You may (or may not) be wondering why I am sitting downtown at the law library instead of in my office. Well, Kind Reader, that would be because (1) our internet crashed; (2) taking our server with it; (3) with all of our shared electronic files; (4) causing mass lawyer panic; (5) also causing us to use the actual physical books to look up the annotated statutes; (6) causing me to realize that one of the pocket part updates to West's Indiana Annotated Code is missing; (7) causing me to go camp out at the law school library; (8) so that I can use West's Indiana Annotated Code pocket Part to Title 29, Guardianship; (9) as I continue writing this PITA of a publication; (10) end scene.

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Kate Sherwood said...

Thank you for sharing the broken thumb story!

Somehow, it all works together, too, the story from the past and why you are in the library now. Life is just crazy, sometimes.

Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living