Sunday, December 6, 2015

Yule Be Jealous

Every year, the symphony orchestra in our town puts on a Yuletide show. It's definitely geared towards making children happy and entertained, but there's plenty to keep adults entranced as well.

Last year, it was--of course--a Frozen theme, with plenty of other Christmas carols and fun thrown in. At one point, Santa and his reindeer showed up. After Santa did his literal song and dance, he existed stage left. The audience was quiet as they watched Santa parade off the stage up through the aisle, enjoying the spectacle. As the music faded to a hush, Lis, then 2.75 years old, stood up on her seat and yelled at the top of her lungs: BYE SANTA! SEE YOU TOMORROW! BYE SANTA!!!!!!!!!

Well over half the symphony audience--and a large amount of the actually orchestra, burst out into laugher. I admit, it was rather hilarious.

Today, we get to go again. First we head to a dinner at A Very Exclusive Club (TM), a place that's normally a bit snooty, so I take particular joy in letting Lis press her nose to their windows which overlook the beautiful city center. I do try to wipe off the nose prints, though. I have a kid, not a puppy. Well, I have a puppy, but he's not coming to the Yuletide Celebration--

--speaking of which, have I mentioned that that selfsame dog ate three dozen gingernsnap cookies this week? Yes, indeed--

Ahem. Where was I? Yes, dinner, then over to theater for holiday activities (a live reindeer for children; spiked egg nog for parents), then the show.

I can only hope that Lis repeats her performance from last year.

I'm glad we are having this chill, fun weekend, because Vor leaves on a work trip bright and early on Monday, so I am flying solo for the rest of the week. Of course, it just happens to be a crazy week for me, running an all day CLE, then presenting at a conference in another county then next day, then a full day trial, and so on.

But it is indeed the Yuletide.

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