Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't Judge!

We had a visit from our friendly local lawn specialist. He totally judged us based on the state of our lawn.

See that? That's judging!

On the other hand...

...he might be right. We DO have a dandelion problem. To be fair, so does everyone else around us. And, we just mowed the lawn three days ago, then it rained for the next two, and it's still raining today. The weeds just love it.

We don't own the house; we rent. And they've only given us so much money to deal with the yard care, and, believe it or not, there were more pressing concerns.

Do I sound like I'm rationalizing? I probably am. But still.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Blog Salad II

A blog salad, kind of like my brain feels.

Lettuce. Oh. My. God. It's over, done, finished, caput, finis, complete. So now, the bulk of the time I spend is studying for exams, and finishing up my litigation classes (settlement? who does that?). It's strange to be done with law school, and with school generally. I've never been anything but a student, so this is surreal.

Vegetables. If the bulk of my time is spent thinking about exams and how the end of my life as I previously knew it is over, then the veggies on that particular salad would be the questions. You know, the ones that keep you up at night (well, not me, I've been so tired I practically fall into bed). They sound something like this: What if I'm not good at my job? What if I'm a bad lawyer generally? What if I burn out on my job--all those children? When will I ever find time to have a life outside my job? When will I have time to go to the gym? What if the sky falls on my head? And so on. Not really kidding about the last one either. Oh, and I guess this particular salad is an even mixture of lettuce and veggies. I am a worrywart after all.

Croutons/Cranberries/Almonds. The sweet stuff. I love doing stuff around the house. Planting basil plants for fresh basil at my very whim makes me happy, as do the following things: my flowers in the window box, the budding rosebushes (wait until you see the pictures!), my compost pile (I can't explain it), and the possibility of tomato plants in the garden. If salads could have whip cream, this one would--my mom and dad, brother and most likely my sister will be in less than two weeks.

Salad Dressing. My mom's garlic salad dressing. It's delicious, very garlic-y and tangy. However, one time, she added too much of something, and managed to make it eye poppingly bitter. So it's a delicious salad dressing that you are always slightly apprehensive about putting in your mouth, just out of sheer associative memory.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disaster is a Soup

...and I have the recipe. Here is a complete recipe for failing your last exam:

Three giant servings of "I'm a 3L, and I don't care."

Add an equal part of "I'm a 3L, and they will never fail me."

Boil together, adding a cup of 80 degree weather for the next two weeks.

Add a pinch of "Sheer Bliss That I Don't Have to Commute an Hour and a Half Away Anymore."

Add a dash of sheer exhaustion and desperate desire for more sleep in my own comfy bed.

Sprinkle with "It's Criminal Procedure! How Hard Can It Be?" and serve.

On that note, maybe I'll go study some more. But, it is awfully nice outside... I can study outside, right? Right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

3L No More

No more law class, no more insanely huge textbooks, no more cold calling, no more pink-green-yellow-orange-blue-purple highlighters.

No more lugging my laptop everywhere, no more laptop freakouts, no more smoking power cords, no more trips to see the law school IT guy.

No more late night coffee, no more late night wine, no more late night movie wind down viewing sessions, no more law school groups.

No more meeting people from all over, no more sitting outside with my closest friends, no more daily interaction with amazing, bright professors...

One more exam.

3L no more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Perhaps, because it is just past Easter, and perhaps because the hyacinths have come up and have now past their peaks; perhaps because it is the end of April, and perhaps because it is so close to May, which is even closer to June.

I don't know. All I know is that I have an image of my grandparents' backyard that I cannot shake, where the apple tree has blossoms on it, their tulips are up, and the pine trees along the back and sprouting new tiny tips.

Except, my grandparents are gone, and someone else lives there. I haven't seen the apple tree in years, but I know it needed serious taking care of, and I doubt that they have. I know the tulips are gone, because their cat dug them up. The hydrangeas that got to be as tall as my shoulders are gone, and the beautiful birch tree with the ivy is gone too.

What hurts is the pine trees. My grandparents planted a pine tree in their back garden for each grand child. When I was born, they planted a blue spruce, the only one that was different from the rest. My tree was always bluish, and smaller than the rest, and I loved it.

It actually hurts my heart to know that tree is gone. It may seem silly, but sometimes there are depths to things.

I would have loved for my grandparents to know I am graduating law school. My grandpa would have smiled and shook his head, and said, "Hoooo, boy." My grandma would have relieved that I wasn't an ambulance chaser, and would have loved that I am going into children's law.

I want to swing by their place when I am home, but I think that might be more pain than memory.

I want to take a piece of their ivy from the garden, but I am not sure there is anything left for me to take.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

All She Wants to Do is Dance

Yet sadly, it does not happen.

The, ahem, bar review, was very tame. There was no dancing on the table. There was just a peaceful knowledge that it will all be over soon.

Meet Jedi

It's dawned on me that I have told you ad nauseum about my adorable, perfect, cute, talented, etc., nieces and nephews. Yet, you have yet to meet and greet them. Well! Aren't you just lucky then today.

Meet Jedi.

There's just something about this picture that says volumes about the kid, no?

He is the youngest of my sister's brood. For a few months or so, we were really concerned that he was hearing impaired, or had a serious speech problem, etc. That is, until my brother in law jokingly told his young son, "Go get my cell phone. It's on the chair under the desk." Almost a half an hour later, the tiny kid came back with the cell phone. Voila! Turns out, it was a different kind of learning problem, one easily conquered.

He is an expert at being cute. He is hilarious. Literally, side splitting.

Classic Jedi: Brother in law says to him, "Who are you? You're not mine. I don't know you." And so on. Jedi, after about ten minutes of this, says, "Listen. I am the last child your wife pushed out. Deal with it." And walks away. My brother in law had to crawl to the phone to tell us, he was laughing so hard.

He is a Star Wars junkie, can recite all the movie and cartoons to you, and has his room decked out in space gear. Every year for Christmas, I buy him a Star Wars calender.

He first met Vor when he was about four, proceeded to climb on his lap, and claimed Vor as his own. Out of all of my nieces and nephews, he is probably the most attached to Vor. They are kindred souls (as in, they can totally geek out together).

That's Jedi. Impishly endearing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Call Us Classy

Apparently, there is this time honored tradition for law students to take part in a bar review.

No silly, I am not talking about the classes you take to study for the bar. I am talking about walking all over law school town, Indiana, hitting every bar in town that any law student in my class has possibly visited in the last three years.

Have I ever mentioned that I have only had one shot in my entire life? And that one glass of wine makes me silly? And that a single beer makes me do things, like dance on the stage at the nasty bar / dance club?

So, like a smart woman, I have conscripted my husband into attending this event with me, even though he is (a) not from my law school (b) not interested in wearing the t-shirt required to get into these bars without cover, (c) already a lawyer.

Given my low tolerance, and Vor's seeming endless amusement at my buzzed antics, this should be interesting.

Especially when we get to part he has not yet seen--the part where I start dancing on the stage at the nasty bar / dance club.

I Dream a Little Dream of You

This last week has been marked by really, REALLY, strange dreams. I'm fairly certain that these dreams are connected to the demise of my career as a law student.

Why, you ask?

Because: Any dream that involves signing up to take calculus in law school, then failing to show up for that class repeatedly, and then being unable to graduate law school because you are missing one credit MUST have something to do with there being only one week left of this particular brand of hell.

I have no explanation for the dream about all my teeth falling out, though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yeah? Me, too.

Vor calls, saying, "That picture is sooo sad."

I say, "Sad? That puppy is appalling cute. Massively. Not sad."

There's a long pause, then Vor says, "It's sad, because it's not ours."

You know, I'm going to have to agree. Might have to fix that problem.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's A Dog's World

I think in lists, pros and cons.

So here is the current list: To Dog, or not to Dog, that is the question.

Pros: I love dogs. I loved having a Golden Retriever. I miss the panting, the cute face, the snuggling, the walks, and the wagging tail. I miss the thump-thump-thump of Jekyll's tail in the morning as he came over to see me and bumped his tail against my dresser. I want a dog that will play in the water and play catch. I want my (future) kids to have a dog. There is no doubt we will have a dog someday. But right now is a good time; I will be home for the summer, studying for the bar. That's time for the dog to get used to us, and for me to train it. We can adopt an older dog. When we work, we can get a dog walker to come by and check on it. A dog is a great excuse to leave a lame event.

Cons: It's kind of hard to find an older Golden to adopt. Apparently, they are just as popular with everyone else, for the reasons listed above (who knew?). I don't miss carry the poop bag while we go for a walk. I don't miss being woken up at 3:30 in the morning by a dog who is just overjoyed that it is the start of another! beautiful! day! Vor and I both work, and the poor thing will be left alone for 8 hours. I don't want a puppy. I hate having to think about what to do with the dog everytime we want to go out for the evening. And the worst of all the cons, no matter how much you love them, take care of them, and pet them, they die on you, before you want them to.

That's a fairly comprehensive list of the war in my brain currently.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Face Plant

Two weeks of class.

I can see the law school finish line from where I stand. All I want is to know that if I stretch my arms up over my head, and fall down face first, that my fingertips will cross the finish line.

That is all I need, people.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Heard in my Trial Advocacy class:

State: "In fact, you are just a liar, aren't you? A liar who is too much of a coward to do the right thing?"

Defense: "Objection!"

Long pause.

Defense: (muttered under breath) "Crap...freeze up..." (then, audible) "The State is being mean to my witness?"


State: "Mr. Witness, how do you recognize this gun?"

Witness: "Well, it's really rare to see the model with the two laser blasters attached to the front."


State: "Mr. Witness, how do you recognize this gun?"

Witness: "Oh, it's got a Hello, Kitty sticker on the bottom of it. Defendant told me that his kids put it on there, because he lets them play with his gun ALL the time."

I love my Trial Ad class. I think I'll really miss it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't Stop

bn vbghn 984573$%#$ $%#%ksjdnfsdyiwurn

Oh, sorry.

That was just my head hitting the keyboard and rolling around. I just whipped up a summary judgment motion in a matter of three hours. People, I have never done one of these before, and it was insane.

I am exhausted.

On a plus note, the fabulous computer people fixed my computer. Which means I am still toting my monster around, instead of the sleek little Mac. (I am dreaming of getting a new Mac after law school is over).

Now, to put the finishing touches on that brief... you know, case law and precedent, crappy stuff like that. Totally not important at all, nope.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Head is Exploding

I am going to tell you this thing in sentence fragments, because I feel like I might explode.

Am still out of a laptop.
Exams in three weeks.
Three weeks left of law school.
Need laptop.
Can't afford.
Soooo expensive.
Am still out of laptop.