Monday, March 25, 2013

White White White

Snow day! Lis has no "school"! Courts are closed! For a half day! That means--


All that means is that I have no daycare when my office opens.  This used to be much more fun.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Colors

It's officially official.  Lis?  She's got red hair.  Not RED red hair, but its definitely got a strawberry flavor to it.  When all three of us are out together, people look at her, then look at me, then look at Vor. No, we don't have red hair.  No, she's not the milkman's kid.  Yes, there are red heads on both sides of the family.  SHE WAS CONCEIVED IN IRELAND WHAT DO YOU WANT.

I'm actually thrilled.  My grandma has this gorgeous auburn hair, and Lis kind of has her look a nit, so it makes me smile, and think of her.

Otherwise, things making me happy include:

1. Next Friday.  We will be taking Lis to the Children's Museum, and I am so freaking excited, I don't have words for it.

2. Today, or sometime this weekend.  We're taking Lis to one of those indoor playgrounds.  I think she's going to lose her mind when she sees a ball pit.  Screw the germs--if it wears this kid out, then I am all in (DID I MENTION SHE IS NOT SLEEPING AGAIN) (She's not sleeping again)

3. It's sunny today, and I organized my seeds for my garden.  On the menu this year: lettuce, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, beans, basil, chives, scallions, rosemary, beets, and carrots.  Got my seeds started in their starter pots.  Stood outside for 30 seconds before I froze and ran back in.

4.  My clothes are here!  And they are too big! The won't fit me in very short order! I'm closer to another size down!

5. It's Friday, which means Vor will come home at a normal hour, and he will have a beer and I will have some wine, and we will chase Lis all over the house and she will fall asleep in his arms while we all watch our nightly episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

6. Lis's new trick.  she puts one hand on each side of your face, preferably your cheeks, and pulls you close for a nose rub.  Then she leans back and pats your cheeks.  I DIE.

Happy weekend to you!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It’s settled.  We are going to NYC, for a variety of reasons.  We ended up seriously considering San Fran and New Orleans, but Vor’s twin (surprise! bet you didn’t know that!!) sibling lives very close to NYC, so we would like to make an annual or biennial thing out of going there and meeting her.  I think we will stay in Chelsea/West Village area, and we only have two major/touristy things on our to do list: visit the 9/11 memorial site (mine) and go to the Empire State Building (his).  Other than that, all we want is bagels and walking.  And sushi.


I did (am doing) a biggest blogging loser contest with Twitter people.  While I haven’t lost anywhere near the amount I wanted, it has gotten me into good habits and helped me shed a few pounds.  Well, this past month has not been a good habit generally, but I digress (digressed) and am now back on path.  I actually hope that with this new job, I will have more time for the gym, and less reasons for grabbing a quick bite out somewhere (i.e., stuffing my face with whatever I can find between hearings).   


I realized that even though they were too big on me, I was still happily hopping into maternity clothes precisely BECAUSE they were too big on me and they were comfy, etc.  So, in order to curb that, I piled up all the clothes and loaned them to my new coworker, who is pregnant.  Then, I promptly did what I have been delaying doing, and ordered a bunch of clothes online.  They shipped today, so in the meantime, I’m doing laundry every day to wash the one pair of pants that fit me.  I obtained two pairs of work pants, one sweater, coordinating cami, another kimono sleeved a sweater/shirt, a nice pair of jeans, and a blazer.  That will hold me over until I drop down to the next size, where I plan to add maybe another pair of pants and alter the clothes I have, and so on and so forth. 


It’s been an epic fail on the book front.  I had grand plans of reading fantastic books, but it just doesn’t get done.  By the time Lis crashes into bed, then I do laundry and get her food ready and pick up her toys and do the dishes and get my stuff ready for the next day, it’s about 9:30 pm and I am exhausted, because Lis probably got up at 5:30 in the morning.  So, I surf the almighty internets for about ten minutes on my phone, because its brainless, and then I am asleep.   I don’t have a plan to change this.  I don’t know how to change this.  I am slowly coming to the conclusion that it just might not be possible to have any extra me time to read when you have a toddler.  I guess I have to wait until she’s older.  Reason number 64,798 I don’t want another kid: I want to read a book again.  Oh!  I did read Emily Bazelon’s book, since it dovetails nicely with work.  So there’s that. 


P.S.  Y’all, it’s been eight months since Lis’s craniosynostosis surgery.   EIGHT.  MONTHS. 


Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ides

When Vor walked in the door from work at midnight o'thirty this boring/last night, and peeled an eye open and looked at him, grunted, and praised the stars for it finally being March 15.

See, in patent law world, the law is changing after today, so you can imagine that every patent attorney is the U.S. is on the verge of having his or her head explode today.    What this means in practical terms is that for about four weeks, I have been a solo parent on weekends, and for the last two weeks, I have been a solo parent al the time.  For a quick sampling, Vor has come home at 1 am, midnight, 3:30 am, and 12:30 am this week.  Poor guy has seen Lis for more than 30 minutes in the morning (because he misses her, he has been taking her to daycare in the morning so he can get some snuggles and hugs).  Poor me has been holding the house together with some duct tape and string, and after Lis goes to bed, I do housework and work-work until like 11 pm.

This really couldn't have happened at a worse time, because Mama Vor is an accountant, and it's tax season so FULL STOP.  She's been pitching in to help here and there, but its basically been all me, all the time.

Which REALLY couldn't have come at a worse time, since I started my new job this!  And in true senioritis fashion, my co-worker/friend who left the company, totally checked out about two weeks before she left, so for two weeks, I did the jobs of two people, mine and hers.  This week, I've been doing the jobs of two people, mine new one and my old one, because we're training the new attorney.  As fantastic as she is, and as long as she has been with us on a volunteer basis, it's different when you're the full time staff attorney.  So, I had to get up and running in the new job while still handling a really heavy litigation schedule.

Did I mention why my co-worker left?  To go hike in the mountains.  FOR EIGHT MONTHS. She and her husband are hiking and camping in a tent for eight months.  Then? Who knows!  They'll see where the wind blows them! THEY DON'T HAVE A PLAN FOR WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO LIVE NEXT.

So, over the last few weeks, there's been more than one episode of silent sobbing in my office, and this week, there was a brief episode of small tears when I got a good bye card that she had mailed out to me.  I was with her and her husband on Saturday, hanging out and saying goodbye, but she wanted to have something show up in the mail for me.  It was sweet, and just like her, and even though I am really annoyed that she left, I am going to miss her.  She was a close friend.  And now I, who do not make friends that easily, am down yet another close friend.

That's an ongoing problem for me.  My best friend lives in Vegas.  We always reconnect, and she will always be my best friend who is there whenever I need it, but she's not physically here, and I'm not physically there.  My closest friend from law school works here, in town, but her law firm is draining her life away and she bills unbelievable hours.  In her spare time, she and her husband travel a lot, and so... she literally lives ten minutes from me, and I never see her.  Plus, it kind of stings that she never stopped by to see me or Lis (hahaha I totally just wrote her real name and had to delete) right before, during, or after surgery.

I've made friends with people who I could easily strike up a close friendship with, but they're all in the military, so they all move away.  Now, this.

What I'm saying is that I need a friend, in real life, who can drink a glass of wine with me.  Who lives around here and likes wine and chai tea?

In other news, Lis is fan freaking tastic.  She's walking, she's running, she's climbing like a mountain goat. She's also hitting me and pinching me and clawing me, but that's another story.  She's got about five words and one sentence ("what's that?").    She is a wild woman.  She loves to run around outside, and we take walks around the neighborhood if its warm enough.

Vor made the deadly mistake (I can only assume he was punchy from sleep deprivation) of saying "You know, if we can another kid, they could burn off energy together."  The subject of the second child is reserved for another much longer post, but for now let me put it simply: NO.  I gave him to stink eye when he came up to me all cute and snuggly and innocent eyed later that night.  It's not no, never, but it is no, not right now are you freaking crazy, see the first five paragraphs of this post sir.  Of course, after the immediate problems have past then it becomes hmm, bad pregnancy, HG, GD, craniosynostosis, hmmmmm.

Anyways, that's what's happening at Chez Grace.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chicken, Where Is Thy Head

So this funny thing happened where my one coworker was leaving and we hired a new one and I was doing the jobs of two people at once, so of course emergencies broke out on my docket like a rash on a you know what, and then OF COURSE my laptop crashes stone dead, and takes with it my presentation that wasn't my responsibility, but the coworker has kind of checked out, so it's my problem now, and then my other coworkers dad had a stroke, so... HALP.

Really, only a run on sentence will accurately portray the awful that has been the last week.