Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FYI All Ye People Who Come Here Searching For Craniosynostosis Stuff

I've noticed a huge upswing in people coming to this blog on craniosynostosis searches, and browsing around the cranio section. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Go ahead. Email me. I don't bite, and I'm happy to chat about it. Lots of people do just that. It's graceandpressure @ yahoo dot com.

Enjoy (ENJOY! HA. Not so much), browse, ask, and just know it'll be okay.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Lis: Mommy! Sit!
Me: Lis, I'm cooking dinner, but as soon as I'm done, I'll sit.
Lis: MOMMY SIT. (claps at me, like "chop, chop!")
Me: (mouth hanging open) Did you just...clap at me? Like I'm the dog?
Lis: Telly, sit (claps hands).
Telly: (sits)
Lis: MOMMY SIT (claps hands).

Lis: Turbo.
Me: That has to do with engines and going fast.
Lis: Fast! Like doggie! Baby gets doggie. Turbo. Doggie Turbo. (translation: She wants a new dog and to name him Turbo).

Telly: (sees his best dog friend and runs into the street after the other dog)
Vor: DAMN DOG! (chases dog)
Lis: DAMN DOG! DAMN DOG! DAMN DOG! (dissolves into giggles)
Me: Oh, shit.
Lis: OH SHI--
Me: Lis! Say cucumber!
Lis: (mommy's bad word forgotten) COOCOMER.
Me: (muttering about tragedies being averted)

Monday, May 26, 2014

There But For Grace Itself

I lost a friend last year. He died over in Afghanistan, one of many killed during this war. I miss him. He is buried back home, and it's too far of a trek for me to make just to visit his grave. Instead, today, I dug out an old picture of him from high school and sat staring at it for awhile.

I still think that above post (Serve) says all this, all the things I want to say about Memorial Day, about the 4th of July, about Veterans' Day, the best.

I have many, many more friends and family members who serve this country. My brother is still (STILL) deployed, and they are talking about extending his deployment (!!!!#$&@!!!!). Every time I see that yet another bombing has occurred, right by his freaking office window, I cringe and hold my breath, sure that this time, our luck has run out. So far it hasn't.

I keep praying and hoping it won't.

MILP #347: Better Late Than Never, RIGHT?!?

Well. SOMEONE can't remember what day it is and keeps writing April on her pleadings and her checks. I had completely convinced myself that it was a completely different week than it actually was, so when I entered the roundup into my May calendar...well. HERE WE ARE.

Butterflyflsh gave us some mini posts, like a glimpse into the life.

I totally stole CP's idea of the art gallery in the kitchen (it's now in my office), but I have no intention of stealing her running injury.

But I Do Have A Law Degree had a really great Mother's Day, and the first picture of her kids nearly killed me with cute.

You know who else finished the job and slayed me with cuteness and new baby cheeks? Dinei.

Magic Cookie exited the comfort zone, which is always a completely terrifying and uncomfortable thing to do.

Only 3 Years had so much going on in one post that my head swam. Jet lag and catching up, indeed.

Kate's daughter might have morphed into Snow White, and that would be pretty badass, because have you all SEEN Once Upon A Time? Snow White is pretty much amazing. Oh, and, you know, there's that THING called the BAR EXAM, but no big deal, right? (OMG).

LL's Cora is six months (!!!) and is totally adorable. When I saw that dress that LL bought, my eyes turned green with envy. Love it.

Momttorney gives us a great update on Mia, and the cupcake batter picture is priceless.

The Queen Of Hats dreads the "why" question, but not from the usual suspect(s).

Perfect Yellow Yolk gave me two favorite things to ponder: new books to read and baby names!

Daisy JD gives us a funny memory, and it's pretty fun to go back through your own memory treasure chest to look for the one that makes you laugh every time.

Kderoll talks about life with two kids: maybe not always fun, but always funny. I totally get that.

If I missed you, tell me. I'll add you in.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Garden, Planted

Lis helped ("helped") me finish up the garden this weekend, so! Brisk clap! The 2014 Garden Looks thusly:

Petunias planted alongside the house where I ripped out the evil rose bushes.

First Garden Bed: (1) Purple Cherokee Tomato; (2) Summer Girl Tomato; (3) lettuce; (4) Alyssum and marigolds; (5) Rosemary; (6) Thyme; and (7) I gave Lis a bowl of leftover seeds and let her plant them, so I suspect we will see some surprises. I've already seen the beginnings of other tomato plants, but I've no idea what kinds they might be.

Second Garden Bed: (1) Big Rainbow Tomato; (2) Pink Brandywine Tomato; (3) Pineapple Tomato; (4) random tomato blend, so we will see what pops up; (5) spinach; (6) a random radish or beet leftover form last year; and (7) Once again, the Lis special of random things. I've already seen sweet pea popping up, which might be pretty and climb up the garden fence.

First cedar barrel: Mint and chocolate mint, chives, zinnias, alysum, bells of Ireland.

Second cedar barrel: leeks, scallions, random flowers that Lis planted.

2 matching pots: 2 blueberry plants.

2 hanging containers that are sitting on the stairs because the hanging planter stand couldn't hold them: Italian Ice Tomato; Black Pearl Tomato; basil; lettuce; alyssum.

So far, the tomatoes are rocking out. I love tomatoes. Vor is allergic to them. So I get to eat ALL THE TOMATOES. I am surprised and pleased with how well this variety of spinach is doing; it actually seems to like the heat. I am really excited about the fact that I planted flowers in with the veggies this year, to give it some color and some pretty.

Lis has been hilarious with the garden. She was so delighted to throw seeds everywhere and then go around and push them into the ground. She was less interested with translating actual plants, but she water the hell out of these plants. I got her a small, toddler-sized watering can and she just fill sit it up and goes around and waters all the plants. It's actually really helpful. We are working on learning what plants are okay to eat, so now she just walks up to the chives, swipes a handful, and eats the chives. She is NOT a fan of mint.

I'm really looking forward to doing this garden with her this year

MILP Roundups, #343 - 346

Oops. Forgot to do that! What a couple of weeks its been.

Magic Cookie had Roundup #343.

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Butterflyfish had the Mother's Day Edition, Roundup #346.

And I do believe that we are back to me this week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Waiting, Rushing, Hoping

I've struggled to write something on here for a few weeks, and the bare truth is this: I am watching a beloved coworker die from cancer before my eyes. I swear that there are really good, awesome things in my life right now, too; it's just that this has been so consuming for the last three weeks that I can't think or write about any of the great stuff.

We are so very close to the end now, and everything is happening so fast, yet it all feels like slow motion. I knew she was in treatment, but the cancer was in remission; all of a sudden, the day before my last post, it came back with a vengeance to finish the job.

I'm too busy at work to even breathe, let alone cry. We've all taken on this coworker's responsibilities to order to lighten her load so that she can stop working and spend time with her family. Work apparently never stops. She's a mother of three daughters. I saw her yesterday for what was probably the last time, and it was so surreal to have her standing before me. She was altered, definitely, it was still very much her. Her voice was weaker than usual, her gait more unsteady, but she was still witty and sarcastic. She was still beautiful, but her face is yellow, the sign of liver failure.

I was with my grandpa when he died, and yet, that was so different from this experience. To be saying goodbye to someone who has not had the chance to finish everything, her own life; to actually know that the conversation  you are having with this person is last conversation; to pick those words out is impossible.

I know there's no hope left, but that doesn't stop hope. Hope is irrational; it lives on, clinging to your emotions, aggravating your grief. After a while, it becomes a ghost that haunts you, never letting you let go.